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Minro Aquarium Lanka | Welcome

If you looking for ornamental fish exporter or aquarium fish exporter for help your growth up business, that we are.

We are Ornamental Fish Exporter Company in Sri Lanka. We are mainly doing Guppy Fish Exports & We are specilized for that. We are having 4 Farms in Sri Lanka to breed Guppy & other trpoical fish. Lots of exporters in Sri Lanka they do not have their own farms & they get from farmers like us.

We are leading of ornamental fish tropical aquarium fish exporter ,live tropical fish from Sri Lanka to ornamental fish importers and exporter in worldwide market. we can supply many kind of freshwater tropical fish and coldwater freshwater fish , that very popular aquarium fish Guppy, Swordtail, Platy, Molly, Angel, Tetra, Barb, Cold Water Fish etc. We had experience in business tropical fish for sale more than 10 yearss.

"We deliver the confidence of high quality fish, guarantee alive and competitive price"

We are professional tropical ornamental aquarium fish exporter and supplies only quality fishes that sure our customers must receive best fish and arrival alive at destination. We guarantee replace DOA 100%.

We always deliver the best stock with a guaranteed quality and health condition of fresh water fish.

This excellent service is supported by the recommendations and advices of an aquaculturist and NAQDA.

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Location : Wadduwa, Sri Lanka.
Phone : +94 38 2234816   |   +94 71 687 4620
Email : sales@minroaquarium.com