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About Us

25 years of experience in Fish export services

About Minro Aquarium Lanka

  • Minro Aquarium Lanka Pvt Lanka is a dedicated fish breading and fish selling company established in Wadduwa. The past 10 years have marked a steady growth in the sale of ornamental fish in our farm.

The fish breeded and grown in our farms leave the aquarium grounds as a leading local fish supplier to other Ornamental fish exporters in Sri Lanka. We have also become one of the top producers of Guppy in the country through the four farms that we presently operate by expanding largely opening additional fresh water ornamental fish farms in Kalutara district. We always work hard to give top services and most variety fish available in the ornamental fish industry.

We specialize in 23 varieties of guppies, 8varieties of Platy, 5 varieties of Molly and Carp.

In terms of the Work Force the experience and well-trained employees of the company are satisfactorily engaged in the company activities to give an excellent service and quality to the local markets at the different stages of the fish processing activities such as sorting and selecting, medication, feeding and packing etc. Our Packing Standards and Facilities are effectively maintained to use well treated and filtered Packing Water.  We always apply a testing and monitoring system and carefully performing stock control and the quality is analyzed by the staff, to ensure the correct fish storing levels, to ensure the quality of the fish & invertebrates and to minimize the mortality.
As a leading ornamental fish provider in Sri Lanka, we guarantee you the best quality of our products. Reasons being,
  • We are maintaining our own breeding stocks rather than purchasing from outside suppliers.
  • Maintaining the fish stocks under the supervision of an aqua-culturist. Therefor the growth, color, shape, disease free stock will be offered to the buyers.
  • Obtaining licences and advice from NAQDA through their visits to our farms.            

We always deliver the best stock with a guaranteed quality and health condition of fresh water fish.

This excellent service is supported by the recommendations and advices of an aquaculturist and NAQDA.

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