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Our Farms

We have 4 farms operating under us in Sri Lanka in Kalutara District.

Nursery at Pohoddaramulla, Wadduwa, Sri Lanka

Situated 1.5km from Wadduwa town, 30 km from Colombo, the farm has municipal road access and is facing the galle road. The farm is 2 acres in extent with around 1000 concrete tanks of different sizes for breeding and stocking fresh water ornamental fish. It contains the breeding stock and the nursery section of guppy varieties. This is basically the primary section.

Growing Section Farm at Saranathissa Mawatha, Wadduwa.

From the nursery fish will transfer to growing section & feed them for one month time. The facility has 105 concrete tanks of five different capacities with individual water inlets and outlets in each tank and equipped with aeration for every tank. The farm has experienced, trained staff. This is the second section of the nursery of Guppies and Platies.

Growing Section Farm at Winbow Terrace

This is basically the growing section of Guppies. The breeding stock transferred from the primary section. Further it lays grounds for the breeding section of Platy and Swordtails. Glass tanks are placed for the purpose.

Mud Ponds at Moronthuduwa

This section contains the breeding and the growing section of platy, molly and Carp. This is being done in large scale using mud ponds enhancing natural grounds for ornamental fish to grow. We have located condition tanks as well for the purpose of testing the quality of fish and water.